Translation services are generally billed based on the word count of either the source or target text. Additional factors that may influence price are technical difficulty, complex formatting or very short deadlines, which may all result in a surcharge. On the other hand, if a translation job contains a significant amount of repetitions, this may be reflected in a discount.

As a basic guideline, our rates are structured as follows:

Translation services:

Minimum fee for jobs up to 200 words (incl. certification) or 250 words (without certification): $ 65

Jobs over 200/250 words: $ 0.25 per word

Certification fee: $ 15 (flat fee)

Rush surcharge: min. $ 30

Interpretation services:

Hourly fee: $ 100

Minimum fee: $ 200 for the first 2 hours, thereafter billing is done in 15 minute  increments.

Incidental expenses such as parking, travel outside of city limits, meals and accommodation will be billed at cost, if applicable.

Translation agencies and other language service providers:

Please contact us for our wholesale rates.