Language services for business and government agencies:

Corporate, legal, financial, marketing, tourism and technical translations from German into English for English-speaking audiences and from English into German for German-speaking audiences.
Interpretation/oral translation: Consecutive interpretation at business meetings and meetings with government officials; accompanying interpreter for visiting business delegations from German- or Portuguese-speaking countries; accompanying interpreter for Canadian business delegations to German- or Portuguese-speaking countries; interpretation during telephone conferences.

Language services for private individuals:

Certified translations: Personal documents and records, such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates, driving licenses, diplomas, degrees and academic transcripts, etc. from German, Portuguese and French into English, for instance for immigration, recognition of foreign educational, occupational or professional credentials, and other purposes requiring an official (certified) translation by a professional translator accredited in Canada.

Interpretation/oral translation: Interpretation for clients involved in legal action (i.e. meetings with lawyers, court hearings etc.); language support for the Alberta class 7 (learner’s license) driver knowledge test; oral translation in other situations in which a client may require linguistic assistance (excluding medical).

Language services for translation agencies:

High-quality translations in a broad variety of fields from German into English and vice-versa. Depending on the agency’s preferences and procedures, translations can be provided as “basic quality” (proofreading/editing and final quality control looked after by the agency) or “final quality” (translation including proofreading/editing and quality control from Gateway Translations).